SR-6.3 6" 3-Way System
Power Handling (RMS)  200 Watts
 Transient Power (10ms)  1,000 Watts
  MR-56 or WR-4
 Frequency Response  45 - 22,000 Hz 
 Sensitivity 1 watt/m  90 dB
 DC Resistance (RE)   4 Ohms
 Net Weight  12.5 lbs (system


The SR-6.3 is a 3-way component system.  It uses the WR-6 double magnet woofer (3" aluminum voice coil), MR-56 soft dome midrange (option: WR-4 midrange instead of MR-56) and CR-104 soft dome tweeter (neodymium double magnet system).  The system comes complete with the XR-3.3 3-way crossovers.  The performance of this system is outstanding:  dynamic, smooth and clear with very low distortion.  More information on the individual components can be found by clicking on the links.

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