WR-6 6" Woofer
 Mounting Depth
 160mm (6.3") 
   70mm (2.8")
   62mm (2.4")
 137mm (5.4")
 Power Handling (RMS)  200 Watts
 Transient Power (10ms)  1,000 Watts
 Voice Coil  75mm (3"),
 hexagonal shaped aluminum wire, 
aluminum former 
 Dome Material  Damped Polymer composite
 Magnetic System  Double Magnet System
 Frequency Response  45 - 5,000 Hz
 Resonant Frequency (FS)  48 Hz
 Sensitivity 1 watt/m  90 dB
 DC Resistance (RE)  4 Ohms
 Mechanical Q Factor (QMS)  2.6
 Total Q Factor (Q/T)   0.64
 Equivalent Cas Air Load (VAS)  10.8 liters
 Net Weight                 x  1.2 Kg (2.7 lbs)
The WR-6 is one of the most popular hi-end woofers on the market.  It is featured in our 2-way and 3-way systems.  The 3" voice coil with hexagonal shaped aluminum wire, double magnet system help make this a special driver in design and performance.  The motor system is ducted allowing the cone to move more freely and naturally.  The shallow body of this driver allows for easy installations in doors and kick panels, even in small vehicles.  The sound and dynamic performance of the WR-6 is outstanding. 

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