CR-104 soft dome tweeter
The CR-104 is a miniature tweeter that is easily mounted into any type of vehicles, and that is cosmetically adapted to the new look of the high-tech designed automobiles. It comes with a very attractive grill that blends nicely with the dashboard and doors of many cars. This particular tweeter is very small in size and uses neodymium magnets which enables it to be high powered, open and smooth sounding. Like other previous Renaissance Audio tweeters, the CR-104 utilizes a 28mm voice coil and a soft dome treated on a silk material. The CR-104 tweeter is also supplied with a bracket that allows mounting at different angle.
Mounting Depth
 67mm (2.34")
 53mm (2.12")
 15mm (0.57")
 45mm (1.77")
Power Handling (RMS)  180 Watts
Transient Power (10ms)  1,000 Watts
Dome  Soft Dome
 Specially Treated Silk
Voice Coil  28mm (1.1")
with aluminum former
Frequency Response  1,800 - 22,000 Hz 
Resonant Frequency (FS)  9000 Hz
Sensitivity 1 watt/m  91 dB
DC Resistance (RE)   5 Ohms
Equivalent CAS Air Load (VAS)  0.01 liters
Qms - Mechanical Q Factor .87
Qes - Electrical Q Factor 2.8
Q/T - Total Q Factor .66
Vas - Equivalent Case Air Load .009 Litres

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