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Renaissance Audio Group is a corporation registered in the United States.  The company was founded in 1978 and registered as corporation in 1981.  The company's main headquarters are in Brookline, Massachusetts (Boston), USA.

The distribution of Renaissance Audio Group products is worldwide.  Currently, the company has over 600 accounts that cover manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets throughout the U.S., Canada and rest of the world.  The products include a complete line of raw drivers (tweeters, midranges, midbasses, woofers and sub-woofers).   In addition, the company manufactures a complete line of high-end car speakers , high-end home loudspeakers and home theatre systems marketed under the brand name, Renaissance .

Mikhael Shabani is the founder and president of Renaissance Audio Group.  He has over 35 years of experience in the field and has greatly contributed to the design and development of countless products.  These include a complete line of home cabinet systems, the latest being a double transmission line design, raw drivers and car speakers.  Over the past 28 years, he has demonstrated the products' superior sound and quality at Consumer Electronics Shows in both Chicago and Las Vegas, and other various trade shows. 

Company Philosophy:  

In the past two decades, Renaissance Audio Group has been introducing unique and innovative products.  Continuous growth is only possible through the company's dedication to constantly upgrade to the existing product line to meet the rigid standards set by today's most discerning customers.  Research and development are crucial elements to the upgrading process and development of new products. 

Research & Development:  

The R & D team is constantly seeking out new technological advances that can benefit our products.  To keep ahead of the competition, not only do we have to be sensitive to changes in consumer demands, we also constantly strive to attain the best results. Our R & D team is experienced, well equipped and highly motivated to satisfy our current and future customers.

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