Floor Standing Speakers


3-way floor standing 
1.1" (28mm) soft dome tweeter
2.1" (54mm) soft dome midrange 
8-" (222mm) treated paper cone woofer
Black- $1,495/pair
Teak- $1,495/pair
2-way transmission line 
1.1" (28mm) soft dome, triple magnet tweeter 
6-" (160mm) double magnet, treated paper cone woofer
2-way double transmission line floorstanding
(2) 1.1" (28mm) triple magnet soft dome tweeters
(2) 6-" (160mm) double magnet, treated paper cone woofers
7" UniDrive floor standing
The smallest floor standing speaker at 11" x 11" x 11"
available in black wood grain and cherry real wood veneers

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