UniDrive 8
The Uni-Drive 8 is a (1.1") silk soft dome tweeter integrated with woofer. It is based on a double magnet motor system (based on our famous Integra systems). The cavity of the motor system doubles as the acoustic chamber for the tweeter section. The UniDrive-8 sounds open, smooth and detailed. This driver is very versatile because of the shallow mounting depth and separate gold-plated inputs for the tweeter and woofer (it can be bi-wired or bi-amped).
Depth Mounting Depth
 220mm (8.7")
 58mm (2.3")
 69mm (2.7")
 192mm (7.6")
Power (RMS)  150 Watts
Peak Power (10ms)  600 Watts
Dome  Silk Soft Dome
 Specially Treated
Voice Coil   (3")
 aluminum wire
 hexagonal wire
Frequency Response  45 - 22,000 Hz
FS  38 Hz
Sensitivity  90 dB
RE  4 Ohms
Net Weight  1.7 Kg (3.7 lbs)

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