Renaissance MLP-201.3
 2-way, ported, handcrafted with real wood veneer
 Tweeter  1.1" (28mm) soft dome, ferrofluid cooled
 Woofer  6-¼" (160mm) paper cone woofer, vented magnet system, large 3" (75mm) voice coil
 Frequency Response  40 - 20,000 Hz ±3dB
 Impedance  6 Ohms
 Power Handling  120 watts RMS
 Sensitivity  90 dB SPL
 Cabinet Weight  16 lbs (7.3 kg) each 
 Cabinet Size   Height   -  13" (330mm)
 Width    - 8.5" (215mm)
 Depth    -  10" (254mm)
Renaissance Audio Group's most economic speaker is a high-quality and high powered 2-way system.  The 1.1" (28mm) soft dome tweeter uses liquid cooling for smooth response and high power handling.  The 6-¼" woofer has a large 3" voice coil wound with hexagonal shaped wire for accurate reproduction of music.  This superb small loudspeaker has an incredible value with very impressive performance.  The soundstage, depth and openness of vocals and instrumentals speaks for itself.  It is suitable for use with any amplifier between 20 - 120 watts RMS.

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