R-6 6" Integra
 Mounting Depth
 160mm (6.3")
   67mm (2.6")
   58mm (2.3")
 137mm (5.4")
 Power Handling (RMS)  125 Watts
 Transient Power (10ms)  600 Watts
 Woofer Voice Coil  75mm (3.0")
 hexagonal shaped aluminum wire 
 aluminum former
 Woofer Cone  polymer treated paper
 Tweeter Voice Coil  28mm (1.1")
 hexagonal shaped aluminum wire
 aluminum former
 Tweeter Dome  specially treated soft dome
 Magnetic System  triple motor drive
 Frequency Response  55 - 20,000 Hz
 Resonant Frequency (FS)  45 Hz
 Sensitivity 1 watt/m  91 dB
 DC Resistance (RE)  4 Ohmsx
 Net Weight  1.6 kg ( 3.4 lbs)


The R-6 is a very unique car speaker system.  Our engineers took our popular 6" double magnet woofer and integrated a 28mm (1.1) semi-horn soft dome tweeter resulting in a special full-range speaker with a triple magnet motor system.  The tweeter also utilizes the motor system cavity as its acoustic chamber.  It is a very compact and shallow driver, enabling it to be mounted easily in the door, rear deck or kick panel of any car.  This is not your conventional co-axial speaker.  It sounds and performs better than any other co-axial system on the market.   The sound stage and focus of the R-6 is very natural.  The midbass, midrange and highs are clear and smooth.  This system is based on the original Integra that was introduced in the United States by morel usa about 20 years ago.

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