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Voice Coil 28mm x 2.5mm
Power Handling (RMS) 80 Watts at 5Khz/12dB
Frequency Response 2000-20000Hz
Resonant Frequency (FS) 900Hz
Sensitivity (SPL 1w/1m) 90.0 dB
DC Resistance (RE) 5.2 Ohms
Nominal Impedance 6.4 at 1KHz Ohms
Voice Coil Inductance 0.05 mh
Air Gap Height 2.5mm
Flux Density 1.5T
Force Fac. (BXL) 3.3 WB/M
Rmec 0.78 ns/m
QMS 2.90
Nominal Impedance 6.4 at 1KHz Ohms
QES 1.08
Q/T 0.79
VAS 0.009 Litres
Effective Cone Area 8.5cm2
Moving Mass inc. Air Load 0.4gm
Dome Material Treated Linen
Net Weight .54 kg (1.19 lbs)

The Cr-90 is an excellent tweeter utilising a pre-treated linen dome
diaphragm and a 28mm voice coil.
With a controlled 900Hz resonance, this is a great little tweeter with good power handling capability
and excellent smooth detailed response.
It has a replaceable self-centering dine coil assembly.

Recommended Installations
For 2 way or multiple systems with the necessary crossover or simply a film capacitor of 2.2MF to 4.7 MF


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